Vaccine mandate and EJVBC

1. To practice you will not be mandated to vaccinate (encouraged but not a requirement). 

2. To enter (athlete, coach, parent, siblings)  any tournament to participate you will be mandated to be able to show proof of a negative test within 72 hours or proof of vaccination.

3.  Depending on practice venue masks may be required the entire time on and off the court. 

4. Some venues and our club will allow no masks when actively involved in drills, practice or games. (on the court) When on the sidelines, or break masks need to be worn. 

5. If a positive covid results with a team member on your team. You will be notified of exposure.  (your choices are)

a.  COVID positive athlete will need to remain home for 14 days no exceptions.                                                                                                                          b.  During the 14 days the remainder of the athletes will be required to wear a mask during practice on the court.                           c.  Wait 4 days after exposure and you can show a negative COVID test  or show proof of vaccination you can then go back too the original protocol of no mask while in play on the court. 

This may change as other state mandates come into effect.