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Mission Statement:

We are dedicated in providing our athletes with the technical, tactical, and physical experiences needed to reach their highest potential. The program is equally dedicated for players to reach their highest possible standards of personal integrity, mutual respect and responsible conduct. We strive to help each player regardless of age or ability. Players will achieve life-changing growth in physical skills and personal character as they play the game of volleyball.


Family Oriented:

EJVBC is committed to putting our members and their families above any other goal. When the directors and staff are faced with deciding, we ask the following question: What is best for our athletes and their families? We are striving to be the next generation volleyball club. We have a duty to help grow and prepare our athletes to become well rounded successful adults.

Appropriate behavior is expected of all players and parents when they are involved in any activity related to the Evergreen Volleyball Club. The club has a goal to be a respected organization, recognized not only for its competitiveness but also its good sportsmanship. The players and parents of the team are representatives of the Club and are counted on to uphold and reflect the values of the Evergreen Volleyball Club. Respect should always be shown to: Opponents, Teammates, Officials, Coaches, and Parent.

* Please note that during this time COVID-19 saftey procedures and guidlines will be in affect. Family members may not be able to have as much invovlment with their children and other players on and off the court while the season is in place. 

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